You are always offered a fair and competitive price. Prices for translations are set on an individual basis depending on difficulty of the source text, file type, deadline, language combination etc.


Spelling of Thai names: Since Thai names can be transliterate or transcribed in a variety of ways, we encourage you, if possible, to provide information about the desired spelling.

How do I order?: Send a copy of the document you wish to translate via e-mail or regular post (do not forget to provide us with your contact details and desired delivery method) Within 24 hours we will contact you with information about delivery date and price. Once you have submitted your approval to the offer and provided a desired billing address, we proceed with the translation. Delivery takes place by e-mail or as paper copies.


Send your order by e-mail or regular mail. Please provide your contact details when ordering and we will contact you shortly with a quote.



You will be sent and invoice upon delivery of your translation. Payable to: Bankgiro: 326-4090